Letter to the Town Hall of Mykonos by ENPA

Ηere is the letter to the Town Hall of Mykonos by ENPA – Animal Protection Association – Italy

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Αυτη ειναι επιστολη που εσταλει στον Δημο Μυκονου σχετικα με τα αδεσποτα και την βοηθεια που χρειαζεται η Φιλοζωικη Μυκονου για να συνεχισει το εργο της, απο την μεγαλυτερη Φιλοζωικη οργανωση της Ιταλιας. Παρακαλω διαβαστε την.


To the mayor and Town Hall counsil.

Mykonos 27 May 2012

The Mykonos Animal Welfare must officially suspend any and all help for the animals due to lack of money, help or shelter from the Town Hall.

For the last year and a half we have worked as hard as ever talking care of hundreds of animals on our island that require attention.

We are enclosing a list of all the worked done by Nikos Triandafilou the vet and the receipts of all payments made to him.

This work takes many hours and thousands of Euros every month. The stress of working in an animal charity that does not have even the basic requirements makes this a very difficult job. We had hoped after so many years as a legal group that the Town Hall would have assumed its responsibility regarding this very important community work but it seems the situation has not changed much if at all in the last six years.

We have tried our best to change the situation but we believe it is time for Greek people to take care of this issue. It can no longer be left to ‘the foreigner women’ and it can no longer be seen as unimportant. It is very important.

We sincerely hope someone will carry on the work.

We would like a name and telephone number of the person that will now be dealing with the animals so we can pass on this information when people call us.

This year most people are struggling to survive so few will be able to help any hurt animal they will find on the street. The Town Hall must be prepared to handle this problem.

With respect ,

Mykonos Animal Welfare.

Max is back in a bad condition!

Poor Max the labrador that was lost last week came home today and he’s in a bad condition. He has a huge open, infected wound all around his neck where someone must have tied him up very tightly and very badly. He also seems to be covered in some sort of chemical sticky liquid. I have no idea where he spent the last week but his whole body was shaking as I tried to treat his wounds. Poor Max, thank God he made it home. Thank you to everyone who was looking for him.
Sharon Graham
Barbara Hehne
The wound is much worse than the picture but it gives you an idea. The lower part of his neck is row flesh, smelling of a badly infected wound………….. But we are soooooo happy to have him back !!!

Sharon Graham
Barbara I’ve spent a long time cutting away dead hair and the wounds under the head on the neck are shocking. Its looks like he was sliced with something. So badly infected and so full of puss and smelling awful. He’s really a mess and needs a lot of work. He’s asleep now. He’s such a lovely boy.

We lost MAX!

MAX (Labrador) left the “Villa Constantin” together with Zoi (??? Mix) 6 days ago. Zoi came back on her own yesterday morning, but Max is still missing. He is 7/8 years old, has Arthritis in his legs and therefore needs a warm and caring home and should not spend the rest of his already tormented life on a chain, which I worry might have happen to him, otherwise he would have come back together with Zoi. He has found a loving family to adopt him, but WE have to find Max first.
Please look into any field, over any wall – maybe Max is being held there against his will. Ask anybody if they have seen something that looks like Max. He is a very sweet big boy who deservers to spend his last years in a loving home. Please make it happening for him. Help finding Max. 200 Euro reward will be given. Thank you very very much !!!
Barbara Hehne

Dead dogs at the lighthouse

3 days ago my dogs found these 2 dead dogs at the lighthouse in a ditch being killed already a couple of days before we discovered them. How and why remains unknown, but it shows again how easy people get rid of unwanted animals !!!
Barbara Hehne

Christmas Bazaar!

Hi All,

Mykonos Animal Welfare Christmas Bazaar – Sunday 4th December at the Old Port from 10 am (earlier for helpers please).

PLEASE please ask around your friends -forward this e-mail on, as we don’t have everyone’s email addresses and see who can help in one or more of the following ways :

1)Volunteers to help on the day selling at a stand – so far we only have a few people confirmed so please let me or Sharon know if you are available to give a much needed helping hand to make it a success and fun for all.

2)Help with selling lottery tickets ( 3 euro a ticket) or buy some tickets…..I will be selling them on the day also.
Prizes we have so far are:- dinner x 2 at Alexis, Dinner at Oregano, dinner at La Rosticceria, Dinner at Ithaki, Kettle from George X-treme, Lamp from Oikia, 100 euro voucher for Nikos the vet, Voucher for Pet Stop, Voucher for the Cutting Room Hair Salon, Creams x 2 from Nail spa…

IF YOU HAVE A PRIZE TO DONATE PLEASE LET ME KNOW – we want to have at least 15 fabulous prizes to be won!

3)Donations of clothes / books / household items / toys etc to be brought down on the day.

4)A cake or pie for the bake sale

Sharon 6944 777674
Sarah 6948 072322

We waiting to hear from you !
Thank YOU !


Ich suche dringenst einen Flugpaten, der mich nach Hannover mitnimmt. Dort habe ich ein Zuhause gefunden.

I am a good boy!